Thursday, July 28, 2005

Beany Sausages

Having a go at this cooking completely from scratch lark and actually rediscovered that I love cooking!

Tonight's experiment was Beany Sausages which went down very well with my lot.

A quantity of cannellini beans and split peas, soaked and cooked.
tomato puree
smoked tofu
pimento stuffed olives
pepper/salt (i used a dash of soy sauce instead of salt)

Mash the beans and peas, stir in tom puree, chop everything else and stir in well. Form into sausage shapes and roll in flour. Fry in olive oil.

No pics, they got eaten too quickly!


Blogger Rosie said...

Thanks. These sound good. did they stick together well? For some reason 'beany sausages' made me think of baked beans with sauasages in, (which I do like, and just shows the level I am operating at at the moment!) but I like this- sounds inspired- my kind of cooking at its best!

12:21 am  

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