Saturday, November 20, 2004


...and welcome to my recipe of the day. It is intended to be a diary of things I make to feed my starving hoards. I enjoy cooking (sometimes); sometimes I just have to make something quickly. Sometimes I bake for fun with the children. I have to feed a wide age range, from 1 to 17 years, all with their own tastes and likes and dislikes. It is vegetarian (usually) and healthy (as possible). I like to use organic ingredients, but also like to do things on the cheap, so there is always a bit of compromise, but I do steer clear of additives, as much as possible, and use as little processed food as I can, considering I often have at least one child attatched to my person or hanging off me by tea-time!
I like to cook seasonal food, to celebrate festivals, and or the fun of it. I try to make things more interesting for myself and for the children. I have no formal qualifications in cooking, in fact I failed miserably at school, but I was regularly cooking for 6 by the time was 14. I became vegetarian as soon as I left home. (My mum subsequently did, after a few years of nagging me!)
Some of the things here will be recipes I have made up or adapted, others are just quick ideas, but all are tried and tested by me on at least 4 hungry kids, plus various adults.
Please feel free to read, enjoy and inwardly digest...


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