Monday, January 03, 2005

Laid back eating

Yesterday was really one of our rare grazing days, as there was still plenty of cheese and oatcakes, crackers and fruit, etc and I was feeling a bit burnt out. But we did have onion soup made out of the inside of the baked onion haggises. I just chopped them roughly, they had already been boiled for 15 mins, tossed them in some butter and added water/ stock and simmered and partially blended. Everyone liked this apart from Fugs, who wont eat soup or onions, so I made him potato cakes. I mixed mashed potato with Ally's soup to make it easier for him to transfer to his mouth with minimal spillage.

Today-another easy meal: falafels- ready-made ones, with pitta breads, couscous salad and tahini. Usually I have Humous, as the children don't like tahini sauce, but didn't have any, or chickpeas- I have been reliably informed that you can make it easily with tinned chickpeas and a hand blender - must try. So had to do some grated cheese, which I hate to do with this meal (cheese with everything!). With falafels we have gherkins and chilli sauce. I usually do a salad of finely sliced lettuce, grated carrot, red peppers and black olives.

O yes, Lunch: cheese and onion tosties, made in toastie maker- One is never enough.

I have good intentions for the new year-now we have had the excess: cut down on dairy, especially me and Ally (he has excema); eat healthy; don't be extravagant (from Jill ;o)); Keep it simple, but not boring; try new things; keep it seasonal; drink plenty of water; enjoy.


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