Thursday, February 17, 2005


Now growing Alfalfa sprouts in a large jar. The last ones were very successful. We had fresh mung bean sprouts, that I grew, in a stir fry for Chinese New Year.

Alfalfa sprouts
  • soak a tablespoonful of alfalfa seeds in water for 8 hours in a large jar
  • rinse once or twice daily, using a piece of cheesecloth held on top of jar with elastic band
  • drain for 2 minutes at 45 degree angle
  • stand in kitchen for a few days, till sprouts are long enough- 1 to 2 cm?
  • eat as salad and in sandwiches, mixed with a little leaf, eg chinese leaf, and salad dressing of oil and vinegar, and soy sauce. Nice with hoummus.


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