Sunday, March 27, 2005

Simnel Cake

Ok, this is basically a fruit cake with marzipan on top. I used a cobbled together recipe for Dundee cake, putting a layer of marzipan inside- you put half the mixture in the tin, then a layer of marzipan, then the rest of the mixture. When it is cool, turn upside down, add rolled out marzipan, and balls of marzipan. I used 12 balls. Then grill till slightly browned. They loved the balls.
This is a traditional Easter cake, (I believe), that my mum used to make, although I could find no reference to it apart from in Marguerite Patten, who's books, surprise, surprise, my mum used.
Actually, it was quite cosmic making it, as I had thought it was all about the apostles, or some other biblical reference, but this marzipan was so yellow (LIDL special, left over from Christmas, as I didn't want to use it!), When I cut out the disc to go inside I realised it was like a big round sun (or moon?) hiding inside, which would be revealed when it was cut open. We had been reading about Easter traditions and the Easter Vigil bonfire (Catholic), and the relighting of the candles, bringing new light, renewal. I said the balls on top could be the moons of the year, but stopped at 12, for some reason, so it ended up looking like a big yellow clock.


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