Monday, November 22, 2004

Sweetcorn twitters

Totally ran out of juice so *had* to make some lemonade. (They won't drink water unless they're really thirsty, or in bed, in which case it suddenly becomes alright). Had to persuade Furgs that this was in fact the real lemonade, and the stuff you buy isn't.

In a large jug dissolve 4 spoons of honey or sugar with a little hot water.
Add the juice of 1 lemon.
Top up jug with fizzy water (or just plain water)

I've been a bit experimental lately, not my usual stuff, which I think people were getting bored with, anyway. I've been trying to steer away from ready made meat substitutes, but anything vaguely sloppy doesn't go down very well with the younger ones. They prefer something you can pick up. I'm also trying not to spend too much money. So today I made 1/2 and 1/2 bread in the breadmaker and for tea we had sweetcorn fritters (or 'twitters') with potato wedges and baked beans.

Mix about 2 cups of gram flour with 1 tsp baking powder and 1tsp mustard powder. Add enough water to make a thick batter. Add a tin or 2 of sweetcorn. Fry spoonfuls in plenty of hot oil and turn once. (Do not disturb until set). Should go a goldeny brown colour. Yummy. Hasn't given anyone wind (yet).

For potato wedges cut potatoes (and sweet potatoes) lengthwise into 1/4s and dizzle in olive oil. Add salt and/or pepper/sesame seeds if desired. Roast at 200c for 30-40 mins until they start to brown.


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