Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A welcome to new members, Heather and Tech. I am inviting more members directly via my Home Education/general life blog, Knittingyogurt (not just those who read this blog, who aren't many ATM). I started this blog just to keep a record of some of the recipes I had enjoyed. I am no Nigella, or Jamie, but do spend a lot of time feeding my family, and at times put a lot of thought into it. I got the idea to open it up to other members from another blog, which I can't find at the moment.
Anyone, whether they have their own blog or not, can join, I just need your email address to invite you, then you can start blogging your tasty recipes! Basically anything goes, from simple meal ideas to more elaborate dishes. But it does have to be vegetarian, and I do try to keep it to things I have tried out and were succesful. I like to have fun with seasonal foods- this is part of the educational element. I am always trying to find ways to celebrate different festivals with food. But also trying to be healthy, catering for fussy kids with differing tastes, needs and diets, not always having much time to cook, and not spending too much money, are all factors.
Also, not just recipes, but general musings, info and links on the topic are welcome too.
Happy food blooging! I mean blogging, or do I? Flooging?


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