Saturday, February 11, 2006

mood/energy enhancing smoothie

This one's for Tech and those of you who are finding this time of year at bit of a drag!
Boost yor energy levels with a ginger fruity smoothie! Personally I don't eat anywhere near enough fruit, but I can eat it like this!

2 apples
2 oranges or 4 samller orange type things
2 carrots
1-2 cups water
1 tsp honey
1" piece of ginger (this makes it quite gingery, but nice)

cut up all fruit and remove seeds and skin of orange and ginger
blend on medium setting for 1/2 minute or so
adjust water/ honey to taste
pears could also be added
1/2 quantities for one person (still makes more than one drink)


Blogger Lindsey said...

Yummy! sounds great! :D I think I could use a boost too. I find the whole process of eating fruit a chore lol, but a smoothie would be nice.

6:29 pm  
Blogger Tech said...

oh i will be doing that tomorrow for def! Love ginger!

9:56 pm  
Blogger technokitten said...

sounds lovely - I'm going to try it. I also recommend apple and melon as a smoothie - that's also very uplifting (you can use apple juice and just blend with melon. A bit of ginger would be good with this too).

And I've just treated myself to a blueberry, banana and apple smoothie, and that was fab too :)

Looks like I'm back into the smoothie thing.

10:53 am  

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