Sunday, September 03, 2006

castle cake

I made this from:
Double quantity of chocolate cake, made in a large square roasting tin
2 bought large swiss rolls
a packet of mini rolls
2 large bars of chocolate, for the crenellations
1 packet of chocolate fingers
Icing/cement was made from butter, icing sugar, soft brown sugar, and cocoa, and a little water.

The walls were cut from the square cake and assembled in a square, leaving room fror the turrets, and sandwiched into a double layer. This is all cemented together with icing. The crenellations are squares of chocolate, stuck on with icing. The mini rolls are stuck on round the outside as smaller towers. The draw bridge is cut from a piece I sliced off the top of the cake to make it flat. The portcullis is made from chocolate fingers. The flags are slices of sweets (fruit allsorts) stuck on coctail sticks.
This is all, of course, sitting of a moat of silver foil.

I thought this was going to be easy but it took me over and hour to put together. It was well appreciated though!