Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Yar-yar; spelt

They asked for "yar-yar mixture" for lunch: cubed feta cheese, red grapes and avocado chunks. So called because Allie shouts "ya...ya", when he sees some yummy food coming. O, yes, forgot to mention, this is toddler food, I'm talking about, but they're happy: I'm happy. I invented it on one of those late at night hungry sessions, when he has fallen asleep before suppertime.
They also seem to have to developed a penchant for LIDL spelt biscuits, which have linseeds and barley and oats in; I like them, but I didnt really expect them to be a children's favourite. Allie was just now dipping them in Marmite ;-/ I am quite into spelt, being an older form of wheat. Steiner would definately approve of this-(the spelt, I mean). He had some really interesting stuff to say about food, being an early biodynamic gardening person (did he invent it?) and encouraged people to look at what and how they were eating, eg, grains are a simple food because they are basically just a stalk with seeds on, with no complicated other bits that other plants have, so they are early foods in terms of the history of man and also in the life of a person, ie baby's first foods. (He was vegetarian, of course).


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